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It is with great sadness to announce that at the end of 2019, Kirchner Wheel Inc. has decided to cease operations and close their business. Keltgens, Inc. has been honored to be able to be a partner with the Kirchner family for over 35 years in the combine wheel business and would like all of the Kirchner Wheel customers to know we are available to take care of their combine wheel needs. If you need wheels repaired, modified or a new set, Keltgens, Inc. will be here to help.

For over 25 years, Keltgens, Inc. has partnered with Kirchner Wheel Inc. to build and distribute Straddle Duals by Kirchner® to agricultural producers across the U.S.A. and Canada. Straddle Duals® are custom built for row spacing from 20" all the way up to 38". Straddle Duals® are made with the highest quality material that exceeds OEM specifications. All Straddle Dual® wheels feature two bolt patterns; a 10 hole inside pattern which bolts to the final drive and a 16 hole outside pattern just outside the 10 hole pattern which the dual bolts to the main with 7/8" grade 8 bolts. Straddle Duals® are made with a ¾" spun disc center for the main and a 5/8" spun disc center for the dual. All Straddle Duals® built by Keltgens, Inc. will have a .312" thick rim on the main wheel (when available) compared to a .276" thickness offered from OEM. We can equip your combine with the wheel package you need to get your crops harvested.

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Straddle Duals by Kirchner Wheel

As a manufacturer of Straddle Duals by Kirchner Wheel, Keltgens, Inc. offers tire and wheel packages to fit your combine for the most extreme harvesting conditions. With the increasing size, weight and capacity of combines, Keltgens Inc, can provide larger and wider dual packages to get your crop harvested.

Frame Extentions Tall Tires - Floatation

Keltgens, Inc. can offer custom length frame extension kits for combines for special row spacing and dual kits. Call us today to find out what kit would work best for you.

Fast Turn Around

Over the years Keltgens, Inc. has built a well-known reputation for producing a high quality product designed to fit your application in a short amount of time. Keltgens, Inc. has the advantage of being able to make a custom wheel package in approximately 2 weeks or less from the time of order.

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JD 9870 800-70R38 Duals-
JD 9870 800-70R38-
NH CR9070 800-70R38-2-
NH CR9070 800-70R38-4-
NH CR9070 800-70R38-
NH CR9070 LH side-

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